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Nokia 7710: The World’s First Touch Screen Mobile Phone

In 2004, Nokia released the world’s first touch screen mobile phone, the Nokia 7710 smartphone. Continuing in the tradition of well designed Nokia phones, the 7710 comes fully packed with many advanced features that made it one of the most successful Nokia phones of all time.

Nokia 7710 rests comfortably on the palm of ones hand. At 128 x 69.5 x 19mm and just 189g, it is comfortably portable and very handy to use. It has a reported talk time of 12 hours and a long lasting stand by time of 210 hours.

More on the hardware, the Nokia 7710 features a wide, full color screen, with a resolution of 640 x 320 pixels. It’s got a power saving mode that you can activate when the phone is not in use. It comes with a stylus for navigating the menu, although using one’s fingers will also do. The interface uses icon and graphic menus, making it very easy to navigate through the various functions of  the phone.

Nokia 7710 comes with a built in 90MB of internal memory. This can be supplemented with the use of external memory cards, which are available up to 2GB. Depending on the mobile phone network that one uses, it may be possible to connect to the internet via your mobile phone service provider. Other connectivity options include BlueTooth and a USB port.

This phone catered to the needs of the business executive. Features were built to allow people to access their data even when they’re on the road. Nokia 7710 operates on the Symbian operating system. Programs like an email client that supports SMPT, POP3 and IMAP4, Flash technology for browsing flash sites, support for Java-based applications, a program for word processing, making spreadsheets and creating powerpoint presentation can be found in the Nokia 7710.

These features are great because it meant that people could read their emails, and read the attachment that comes with these emails. Add to this, you have an applications suite, allowing one to synchronize the phone with a laptop or a desktop.

But Nokia 7710 is not just all business. It’s also a phone equipped to entertain. Games can be played and downloaded on to the phone. And it can receive FM radio frequency. It has the capability to run various formats of video and music files. It supports both MPEG and Real Video format. With music, it runs practically everything, from mp3 to wav to midi. The phone is likewise equipped with a one megapixel camcorder camera.





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